Why Stage when Selling?

The Importance of Staging your Property when Selling0 Comments

This is one of the most frequent questions we get asked daily ‘’Why stage my property to sell?’’

When you enter a property, you want to be able to feel and create the emotion of the lifestyle and capture the future memories of your children running through the hall ways, snuggling on the lounge in the family living whilst having movie nights with the family, cooking gourmet dinners or maybe entertaining your friends around your outdoor dining.

It is all about helping the purchaser see beyond an empty space because let’s face it, it can be pretty hard if you do not have a creative imagination to envision a whole entire room come together and sometimes the spaces are so unusual. As shown below this room is a hexagon shape? When we entered into this beautiful multimillion dollar home our first thought was hmm how are we going to display this for the market ready to sell?

But being that we are Creative Property Stylists who solve these kinds of issues daily, we make magic happen in every room we put our touches too ?

Staging is also known to increase the value when selling your property and of course after spending months and months giving your heart and soul to your home you want to get the maximum dollar from your sale. It has proven at times to sell at a faster time frame throughout the marketing campaign and increases traffic through your open house inspections.

With our ever-growing property market and billion-dollar industry, marketing these incredible homes to showcase the detailed features is now done through mostly videography and photography, so can you image playing a video of an empty room? Not very exciting, is it?

Lastly, location, location, location what is the demographic of the area? This is a very important part of dressing the property for sale. Different cultures like different things and we are very mindful of the selection of furniture pieces that are placed into a property that may influence the purchaser into buying the property and sometimes the purchaser loves the styling so much they buy the home with all of the furniture included which is what we call Turnkey.

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