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Meet the Property Styling Sisters Anita Eddine and Vanessa Saab, Co-Founders of Mobilia Group and Royal Series and their third sister who recently joined their team as their Senior Property Stylist. These sisters have built not only a very successful company the past 7 years, they also know the property game extremely well. With Anita’s experience of over 20years in the real estate industry and Vanessa’s creative mind, they are an incredible team together and are making homes all around Sydney light up with their ever growing team of talent. Learn from the leaders in the Property Styling Industry about staging and what tips and tricks make these homes so perfect.

So here are their weekly Property Styling Tips:

1. Keep it Minimal

Less is always best; crowded spaces create congestion for the purchaser by eliminating the unwanted clutter helps to have a clear vision and it makes the process of selling the property an even easier one for the vendor.

2. Maximize the use of your Artwork

What is so great about artwork is it can be used for so many reasons, yes it turns our empty walls into the most beautiful galleries and it can tell the story of our spaces. When staging properties, we learn to be so creative in how we can work with all sorts of sizes in canvas and framed artwork. Our favourite right now is substituting a bedhead for artwork it really gives off the elegant feeling and it helps to keep costing low.

3. Furniture Placement

You have just purchased your new home and you have no idea how to layout the furniture in each room. Best advice is to draw a floorplan and don’t stress if you are not an architect all you need is a pad and pencil, draw the shape of the room and start placing each of your furniture pieces where you would like to see them, this is so easy to do and it helps when you are moving to get a visual of what each space will look like and saves you so much time.

4. Colours and Patterns

A bit of colour and pattern can brighten up your space by adding cushions and throws in the mix of any of your rooms. Finalise those last-minute touches with a candle or two or even one of your favourite lifestyle magazines.

5. Pre-Plan

Always be proactive. When styling or decorating your home, it is always important how you want the final concept to look like. Things like style, colour concepts as well as the final fit out need to be thought through. Therefore using mood boards is important in this process.


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