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What is Turnkey?

A lifestyle made easy, targeting all local and off shore buyers. We hear our clients and we understand that moving overseas can be such a stressful process.

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With the ever-growing property industry buying and moving into a new property can all be overwhelming especially for first time property or home buyers. Finding the right property in the right area close to schools etc… with Turnkey Solutions we make it simple by giving our clients the easy option of just turning their key to their new home without the hassles of having to move a thing.

Our team are highly experienced in removing and installing properties daily. With every Turnkey sold a Property Stylist is assigned to each project alongside our warehouse team to ensure the project is run smoothly and efficiently.

Picking and prepping is completed by the Property Stylists who visit the site to assess what is needed in order for us to start selecting the items for each Turnkey. Our team are fast and depending on how the size of the project, Turnkey can be completed within hours.

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Enquire today and use Turnkey Solutions for your next property.

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