Property Styling – Chocolate covered neutral

This property located in the St George area in Sydney was a pleasure to stage. The two storey family home was sold within 1 week so you can imagine the joy from our clients once receiving this news. It is proven time and time again that staging your property increases traffic flow as well as having a major upward influence on price of up to 5% when styled right. It is extremely important to take into consideration current area demographics, photography and other trends within the location. Each space needs to compliment the home at its’ full potential through furniture styles and colours chosen. When staging a home, the more effort put in understanding the potential of a home as a stylist is where and when the client benefits most!

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This lovely classic bedroom has been styled in such a way to attract parents looking for the ideal family home. Hence the reason for the colour choice and finishes, including the buttoned fabric headboard and the accent chair complimenting the desk. It’s always important to understand the potential buyers when styling any home.

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