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Ok if you are anything like me, you are a water child and everything about Summer oozes from the sandy tips of your soul. I mean hello our hair gets lighter, skin tone darker and happiness is upon our face. It’s the beginning of cleansing the past 9 months of the negative vibes from our life and what better way to start then decluttering Winter from your home.

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Patterns and pastels seriously how can we not love these… Colour has a way of brightening up our days and Spring and Summer are the best times to start using it.


Nooooo you do not need to change your entire home for you to create that Spring and Summer vibe. Winter we tend to bulk and I don’t mean gym bulking lol I mean accessory bulking, we want to create a snuggle haven by the fire, whilst we cover our furniture with layers upon layers lol

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The best way to start is by removing the heavy throws and darker items and replacing them with minimal accessories and thin fabric throws and don’t be afraid to pick colourful ones this will brighten your home and you will even notice the happy vibes from your besties whenever they are over spending the night watching reruns of your favourite series on Netflix.

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