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Pastels – Relax

So according to the chosen Pantone 2016 pastel colours, we all need a bit of mellowing out this year.

I recently read an article of the importance of the chosen pretty pink and shade of blue … (oh sorry ‘Rose Quartz & Serenity’)..and how they affect our moods and it made me think of just how important colour is in our daily lives, from Home decor and clothes choice to food selection and cars.

The old tale of happy is yellow, love is red may actually mean just that.

It’s called Colour Psychology. Artists and Interior stylists have long understood how colour can affect moods, feelings and emotions. It’s powerful and for me as a stylist it’s wonderful information to be armed with.

From the initial consultation with a client there’s always certain feel from that personality and their property and if I could match colour and tone with their brief, we are all winning.

Home decor is often viewed as simply a matter of aesthetics. But imagine using the colour of our Decor as a tool to effect emotions and behaviour? Here are a few tips I want to share with you so you can colour like a pro……

– Living Room & Foyer areas: Warm tones such as yellows, oranges and earthy colours like beige and brown are thought to stimulate conversation.

– Kitchen: Colour consultants say that if you have fond memories of spending time in your kitchen as a kid it may make sense to re create the colour theme in your ‘grown up’ kitchen. Watch those reds though, although it may stimulate in your dinner guests minds that you are a great cook, Red also may prompt you to eat more!

– Bedroom: Ahhhhh time to relax…yes my friends a beautiful cool lavender, green or blue will take you to that calm space.

Maybe Pantone 2016 is right, we all do need some ‘mellow’ in our lives this year, take that time to look around you and your space, how does it make you feel?

I know mine needs a 2016 transformation, and as I evolve and change so do trends and I realise how easy and affordable it is to inject some colour into my life (no need to call a painter) all you need is to find that special cushion, artwork or accessory that will rock your colour world, don’t be afraid of Colour….embrace it!

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